Medrax is an innovative platform helping patients to search and select a doctor from registered profiles, book an appointment or ask a question online. Medrax helps doctors see more patients at their convenience and preferred location, save time on phone calls, build their online reputation through marketing provided by Medrax. 

What is Medrax offering?

With Medrax you can see more patients online, at a time and place that suits you, increasing profitability and reducing costs. With telemedicine, you can take care of your patients online – with a video link or exchange of messages, documents, even if you are abroad or in the comfort of your own home.

Medrax has marketing offers that you can use to build your online profile, both on the platform and on your own website or social media profile.

Enter your schedule with available appointments and patients can book an appointment. If you need to be absent, you can easily and quickly notify enrolled patients with the click of a button.

With the Medrax platform, you can access your schedule online – from your computer or mobile phone. You can edit, save, cancel appointments on the calendar, in real time if needed.

Each patient profile contains name, email, phone and can have up to 5 reservations at the same time to avoid malicious activity. If a patient does not show up for a booked appointment, you can mark “Not Shown”. 

Patients receive a reminders also 1 day before the appointment about the upcoming appointment with you by e-mail and by message through the platform. With message and e-mail we notify patients and you in case either party cancels a booked appointment within the next 24 hours.